Golf Course Trades offers “sponsored content” capability in which you can brand yourself as an influencer in the article. By using sponsored content you get the reach of Golf Course Trades without the publishing costs, plus third-party credibility.


  • A one-page article of 1000 words or less with 3-5 photos to be edited by our staff is featured in Golf Course Trades magazine. The sponsoring company is positioned as a subject matter expert (SME) in the article.
  • The article will be featured online for one week at with a featured image on the content page.
  • The sponsoring company will receive one “Base Package” in the online supplier guide, under the heading of their choice for one year.

ONLY: $1,250

Online Only

  • The article will be available in the articles section and linked to your company homepage on This article can be self-promoting, informative or educational. (1000 words and one feature image)
  • A purchase of a “Base Package” in the online supplier guide, would be encouraged to get the full benefits of utilizing this option.

ONLY: $100