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Who is eligible?

All Golf professionals and superintendents are able to submit articles for publication in The Golf Course Trades.

Submissions are reviewed by our staff for content, relevance, and objectivity. Editorial material should be exclusive to The Trades Publishing Company and are considered that company’s property unless other arrangements are made (contact for further information). Sponsorship articles are also available for companies that want extra exposure.

Author Guidelines

  1. The Trades Publishing Company, Inc. retains the right to accept or reject any editorial submission.
  2. The Trades Publishing Company, Inc. retains the right to edit any editorial submission for grammatical and typographical errors.
  3. Editorial submissions should be editorial, not advertorial. Articles should be objective and encourage techniques and trends rather than publicize commercially available products and services. (It is understood that the author and/or the author’s company may be presented as Experts on the topic being discussed.)
  4. The length of manuscripts may range from 500-1250 words. Articles should be provided electronically, via e-mail ( in MS Word.
  5. Articles require photography (i.e. – articles on design, renovation, or refurbishment). Photographs or digital images need to be attached at the time of submission. All digital images must be 300 dpi at actual size, and photographs should be 5” x 7” or larger. There is a possibility a photo you submit with an article may appear on the front cover of the issue.
  6. Individuals interested in submitting an article are encouraged to query the topic by emailing a brief description to Outlines are welcome, but preliminary manuscript drafts other than final are discouraged. All materials are considered the exclusive property of The Trades Publishing Company and should not be run in any other publication without written permission, whether in print or electronically.
  7. Manuscripts must be received by the fifteenth of the month, two months preceding the desired publication date to be considered for publication. Due to space limitations, the publication of an article in a specifically requested month cannot be guaranteed, although the best effort will be applied.
  8. The Golf Course Trades generally publishes only original editorial that has not been published prior. However, previously printed articles may be considered (write for further inquiry).
  9. If The Golf Course Trades staff determines that a manuscript does not meet publication standards, the staff reserves the right to decline the manuscript and return it to the author with suggestions for resubmission.
  10. Authors should include their name, company name, business title, address, and telephone number with each submission. Please include a maximum of three-sentence bio about the author and/or their company.