Golf Course Trades keeps prices down well below our competitors by choosing high-quality low-cost paper and ink.


The online Golf Course Trades Supplier Directory, www.tradesweb.com has been created for superintendents to use when buying products or services. Enhancing your presence in the Supplier Directory ensures that your company’s brand and message stand out.


Golf Course Trades offers “sponsored content” capability in which you can brand yourself as a subject matter expert (SME) in the article. By using sponsored content you get the reach of Golf Course Trades without the publishing costs, plus third-party credibility.

Direct Marketing

Your company’s preprinted materials can be included as outserts along with the Golf Course Trades to allow you to reach golf course superintendents for far less than the cost of mailing them yourself. Your materials will be placed in a

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If you market America’s golf course superintendents, Golf Course Trades is for you. Golf Course Trades specializes in providing manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of golf course products with the lowest cost advertising available. There is no other publication for superintendents...

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What our clients have to say

The Golf Course Trades publication is an essential tool for many ‘in the know’ superintendents. It is full of great information about new equipment and services, not to mention its outstanding sources for used and rebuilt machinery!

Joel S. Blaker, CGCS Director of Agronomy Tahoe Mountain Club

Love The Trades, Probably because after 20 years of advertising in there I still deal with the same people. Those people took the time to get to know my company and what it takes to promote it. I don't need to waste time trying to explain my message. I believe that most superintendents read or at least page through everyone copy because of the used equipment focus.

Randy Dufault Dakota Peat & Equipment


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